Art By Omid Shekari

M. A.


little to be said about anything specific

no helping a dizzy day just dizzy about

the gesture of the balloon the kinder gesture

in the museum of imaginary relics the piece of sky which took out chicken-little

expecting rain the pots on the floor of the angel of disgust

the Incas did they snore asks the tourist to the tour guide funny you should ask

history who needs it

just names dates & caesar

the paper planes made to fly into the paper buildings

the exaggerator his final goodbyes

like rosebuds but larger her hands in green mittens

the worm in the trench of the soldiers never stood a chance its life

do not unlock the cage containing the monkey who speaks she knows she’s in there

the turnstile in heaven the rascal hopping over it

poison just about everywhere nowadays

beneath the seafloor a history of loss

yet emilia documenting life’s sentimental journey in a series of hearts

improbably grass in the desert

lamps in bloom again the old ladies who take bus trips to see them

the bright future of the mine placed strategically

too much reality says Santa Claus to Kierkegaard too much of what they call true

come back to me love there’s little time left