Wreck Park is a double-blind, peer reviewed publication run out of Binghamton, New York. The journal publishes prose, poetry, criticism, and interviews, and is particularly interested in conceptual frameworks and developments that set to disrupt canonical and standardized discourses of the contemporary academic and literary landscapes. The journal welcomes authors, poets, researchers, and thinkers whose work reflects an interrogation of engendered norms and traditions within societies, cultures, intellectual circles, and beyond.

Please contact Bob at wreckpark@gmail.com


Wreck Park’s criticism section locates itself within transnational American and postcolonial studies. Our aim is to provide a discursive space for interested – implicated, errant, politically invested – investigations that aim to occupy, disrupt, and re-constellate contemporary literary, cultural, and theoretical discourses.

Wreck Park invites essays which participate in the ongoing dismantling and reformulation of transnational, postcolonial, and critical discourses. We seek works that historicize, problematize, and provoke the dominant methodologies of criticism in the humanities. We look for scholars who embrace and make productive the antagonisms of critical analysis; who politicize the aesthetic and criticize the political; who disclose the contradictions of current, hegemonic discourses and – through challenging these orientations – articulate new frontiers in scholarship.

Article submissions should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words and formatted to conform to the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Book Review submissions should follow the above guidelines but remain between 600 and 2,000 words. If interested in submitting a book review, it is strongly recommended to submit a brief proposal of a book prior to submitting the review (or to request a list of books the journal is interested in having reviewed).

Please send submissions to Marcus at wreckpark.criticism@gmail.com


Wreck Park is inviting works of prose—short fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, creative essay, etc. In keeping with an unrestricted sensibility, there is no minimum or maximum word count, though works over 15,000 words, if accepted, will be considered for serialization. The journal only accepts electronic submissions. To ensure a blind submission process,we ask that works be stripped of any and all references to author names, addresses, or institutions.

Please send submisions to Hannah at prose.wreckpark@gmail.com


Poetry is now open for submissions! Please send us 4-6 of your best poems, but no more than 10 pages. Please include contact material in the body of your email, but not within the submission. All submissions will be read blindly by the editor, and there’s no need to attach a bio. Please see previous issues to answer questions about content and style. Response time will vary from 8-12 weeks, so please feel free to query any time after that.

Please send submisions to wreckparkpoetry@gmail.com